The innovative company RoboLabs manufactures wide range of high-tech products for popcorn manufacturers, cinema chains and HORECA.

Robolabs’ equipment is sold and distributed in more than 20 countries.

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Robolabs is an innovative technology company with a head office in Moscow, Russia. The company produces a wide range of food equipment, specializing in three main segments: Fun Food, Fast Food and Professional kitchen equipment. 

Our patented know-how is Vortex Popcorn ™ technology. We are proud to produce an air-pop machine of the Robopop® series. These devices are already sold in many countries (actually 35). 

GulFood exhebition Dubai


Our equipment is recognized by leaders of concession market. In 2016 Gold Medal Products Co. signed an agreement with Robolabs, becoming the exclusive dealer of the Mini Robopop®25 model in the USA and Canada.

Gold Medal Dealers Conference, Cincinnati November 2016


Our toasters, fryers, conveyor stoves and burger stations installed in the most popular fast food chains in Russia and the neighboring countries.

The most famous fast food chains that use our equipment


Subway named us "Supplier of the Year"

Subway-Russia buys our equipment and packaging


Currently, we are looking for dealers in the far abroad to become a global company. Our 27 years of business experience in Russia has given us the necessary experience and strength for a rapid leap in the world arena. This is a unique moment, when we can become the third major player in the concession market in a few years. And we want to make this leap together with you! If you want to earn with us, have experience in the food-market and are ready to learn - fill out the feedback form here and we will contact you!



We know that you are a very busy person. So you can watch a short cartoon. If you want to know more - read the text below!




In 1991 the Business Russia/Robolabs company was founded in Moscow. Young Michael Corin flew to the United States, where he saw popcorn machines. He bought a container and advertised on Soviet Union television. The excitement was such big! People stood in queues for several days to buy a popcorn machines. Many of them have earned millions in this business. So the history of our company began.

Guinness World Records: The biggest picture of colored popcorn.


In 1996, a modern format of cinema distribution came to Russia: multiplexes, Dolby Surround, iMAX and of course modern concession bars. We took the historic challenge and rebuilt the company for the needs of large film-companies: the company launched the production line of popcorn cups, salt, glazes and spices.

Own production of raw materials and food additives.


In 2009, a team of engineers invented the Vortex Popcorn ™ Robopop®. It was revolution in popcorn industry!

Popcorn kernels are evenly distributed over the parabolic bottom of the machine internal chamber. The vortex of hot air flow inside the chamber provides constant corn rotation around the chamber axis and its simultaneous agitation. This process provides fast and uniform popcorn kernels heating and immediate popping. Vortex air stream inside the chamber instantly withdraws popped corn from the hot zone profoundly improving popcorn taste and quality. You can see how it works on video below:

We spent a lot of effort to develop the ideal equipment design. Today's customers get our best solution! We tested each piece of equipment before exporting it and offering it to our customers. The company provides service and training for engineers of client companies. You can find out more about the information onTechnical Support page

Evolution of Robopop since 2009


Since the first Robopop, innovations have become part of our philosophy. Robolabs wants to become a global company in concession market. That’s why we develop new products that other suppliers do not offer. Our next hit was the Robosugar caramelizer 


In 2013, the "hot trend of the year" NBC called caramel popcorn: “Forget the butter and salt, connoisseurs are busy reinventing the crunchy kernel with a variety of new flavors, - NBC’s Kevin Tibbles reports - New flavor sensations are taking over the nation and consumers are craving twists to this whole grain treat. That's why gourmet popcorn is the 2013 Food Trend, popping up everywhere like: specialty shops, food trucks, weddings, fundraising drives, and restaurants.” 


By this time, Robosugar 10 automatic caramelizer have already been developed inside Robolabs. A special feature were:

-           the innovative method of cooling

-          our own ingredients for production process

And yes, we produce our own premixes for caramelization, savourys, fruit mix for rainbow popcorn and cheese pasta. There are only three companies in the world produce both equipment and own mixtures for popcorn!  And one of them is Robolabs.


Previously, they required special knowledge and skills to cook gourmet popcorn. If the employee did the process incorrectly, the entire batch of products was sent to the garbage. Now the process has become fully automatic. Even now only Robolabs owns this technology. Our Robosugar machines are protected by patents in the Russian Federation, Europe and the USA.


Our newest trend is - we are not kidding - sweet cotton candy. It would seem that it is difficult to invent something new on this old market - there are many other manufacturers of candy floss machines, some of them work for more than 100 years. But Robolabs engineers could bring innovations to this conservative market. In November 2016, the first devices with a vertical feed Robo JetFloss appeared. 


Since the release of the new Robo JetFloss, this device blew up the market. And Robolabs has gained wide popularity in the mass market. It is clear, thet popcorn industry is the market of professionals and serious businessmen. The cotton candy market is much wider and even a small entrepreneur can afford quality equipment. So if you are thinking about becoming our dealer, but do not have a large amount of money, try to sell our sweet cotton candy machines first! Fill out the application form and we will contact you as soon as possible.


New York Times journalist about Robo JetFloss at Cinemacon, Las Vegas

The Robolabs company does not stop there. Currently, a powerful line for the popcorn production (up to 500kg/h) for factories is under development. Also we project new deep fryers with fastron, new line of grills and others. This means that our dealers will always find something to offer their customers!

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