The innovative company RoboLabs manufactures wide range of high-tech products for popcorn manufacturers, cinema chains and HORECA.

Robolabs’ equipment is sold and distributed in more than 35 countries.

Please visit us at:
Orlando, USA
17.11.2020 – 20.11.2020
Las-Vegas, USA
26.04.2021 – 29.04.2021
St-Petersberg, Russia
17.09.2020 – 20.09.2020
PIR Expo
Moscow, Russia
19.10.2020 – 22.10.2020

Become our dealer and make good money on our product!

RoboLabs has been inventing, developing and manufacturing equipment for HoReCa, Movie Theaters and FunFood facilities since 2007. The modern plant is located in the city of Tver, Russia, equipped with high precision German and Japanese  machines and staffed with 150 top professionals. 


The plant manufactures tens of thousands units of equipment, shipping them to 35 countries, including the USA, Germany, Italy, India, China and others. Our equipment  has been successfully working in Burger King, KFC, Subway, Cinnabon, inn hundreds of movie theaters and thousands of restaurants. Consolidated in our own warehouses in the USA and Europe, our custom cleared equipment can be delivered very shortly and timely. 

Most RoboLabs units are protected by international patents and are often unique on the market

Our dealers appreciate the company’s innovativeness, the European quality of the equipment in combination with its low cost for the International market, resulting from the comparatively low labor cost in Russia and the company’s policy, focused on the International market penetration.

We are open for new contacts and markets. Though we try to avoid it, we could not help making exclusive agreements with some countries and on some assortment, but the world is big, you are also welcome! In some countries, like in the USA and Europe, we practice drop shipping: our dealer may not have a warehouse of his own  or a service provider, he just sells the product that we ship from our own warehouse in his country.


The key customers of our equipment are:

- fast food, fast casual restaurants

- fine dining restaurants

- movie theaters

- funfood stores

- popcorn shops

- big and small venues in malls, sports arenas,  parks and at festivals 


We suggest you do the first step: sent us the application. Our managers will contact you in the closest nearest future for discussing the details.

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