The innovative company RoboLabs manufactures wide range of high-tech products for popcorn manufacturers, cinema chains and HORECA.

Robolabs’ equipment is sold and distributed in more than 20 countries.

Please visit us at:
IAAPA Orlando, FL, USA 15.11.2017 – 18.11.2017 2018 IISF Trade Show & Extravanza. 06.02.2018 – 09.02.2018 CinemaCon 24.04.2018 – 26.04.2018

We know that the service can scare customers located thousands of kilometers away. Therefore, we have already thought about this. All our equipment is reliable and easy to use.

Detailed operation manual is provided for each machine. In the manuals you can find all information you need to know to operate the machines. You can also download manuals from our special web-sites for Cotton candy equipment and Popcorn machines (click picture below)



Moreover, you are welcome to visit RoboLabs video channel online. There you will find plenty of videos covering key features of our equipment. For example: How to install RoboSugar Auto 10


At the same time, we are ready to offer you full benefits of RoboLabs technical support, which is easily accessible in English via email, phone, and Skype as well.

Also, it is possible to arrange our engineer’s visit to your facility in order to provide following services:

  • Commissioning / Installation supervision;
  • Personnel training on operational and/or technical issues;
  • Technical maintenance and repair works.

Services listed above are free of charge, but receiving party must pay for air tickets and accommodation for the engineer.

Engineer from Robolabs conducts equipment tuning and training, Dubai

RoboLabs technical support carries out dedicated workshops for our customers using video-conference capabilities such as Skype, webinars and so on. It provides clear understanding of RoboLabs equipment, makes easier to master all the features, and allows customers to operate the machines in the best way.


RoboLabs Technical Support contacts are as follows:


SkypeID: robopopcorn

Phone: +7 495 956 4000 ext.2627 (english)

Vice President Mr. Iskander Aminoff speaking:

"When we began to export the first model of RoboPop in 2009, we thought about network of dealers - you can't provide technical support without it. But we hadn't them at that period. That's why we made RoboPop as simple & reliable as AK-47 top gun. At first it was tested on the Russian market, where we could provide quick acces to service specialists. 

 It took about two years to check all the "childhood illnesses" of devices and make changes to their design, and today the reliability of all RoboLabs products is at a very high level. 
If we make very big deals (for example, customer from Mexico recently bought 16 large RoboPop machines), then in such cases we can send our service engineer there who will equip the machines and train the local staff.
In most cases, a telephone call is enough to solve the problems: any person with elementary engineering skills can eliminate almost any malfunction of our devices by consulting with a service technician by phone (or using Skype if video is needed). If any part fails (which is easy to diagnose by video link), we immediately send out spare parts for replacement. RoboLabs employees speek english."



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