The innovative company RoboLabs manufactures wide range of high-tech products for popcorn manufacturers, cinema chains and HORECA.

Robolabs’ equipment is sold and distributed in more than 35 countries.

Please visit us at:
Orlando, USA
17.11.2020 – 20.11.2020
Las-Vegas, USA
30.03.2020 – 02.04.2020
St-Petersberg, Russia
17.09.2020 – 20.09.2020
PIR Expo
Moscow, Russia
19.10.2020 – 22.10.2020
NRA Show
Chicago, USA
16.05.2020 – 19.05.2020
Barcelona, Spain
22.06.2020 – 25.06.2020

We are aware that service maintenance issues may scare  customers who are far away.  That is why we have taken care: our equipment is simple and user- friendly.

Every piece of equipment is accompanied with a detailed instruction in the English language. The operator’s manual gives full information on how to launch, operate and service the machine. You can also download all the instructions from our special sites for Cotton Candy and Popcorn ( click the icon below)



You can also go to RoboLabs’ YouTube channel and watch online the service maintenance procedure there. You will find a lot of tutorials, embracing the key features of our equipment. e.g. Installation and entry into operation of RoboSugar Auto 10.


We are also ready to offer you full RoboLabs  technical support,  available in English   through e-mail, phone and Skype.

AWe may also send our engineers to your facility for:

  • Start up/installation supervision
  • Personnel training in operational and /or technical issues
  • Service maintenance and repair

The above listed service is free, but the host company will have to pay for airfare and accommodation.

Engineer from Robolabs conducts equipment tuning and training, Dubai

RoboLabs technical support service holds specialized seminars for customers, using Skype, Webinars and so on. Such seminars help to understand the principles of RoboLabs equipment, to get a prompt answer, to learn how to use settings, and  the would – be purchased equipment in the best way. 


RoboLabs Technical Support contacts are as follows:


SkypeID: robopopcorn

Phone: +7 495 956 4000 ext.2627 (english)

Iskander Aminov, Vice-President:

"When we began exporting the first RoboPops in 2009, we faced  the issue of creating a dealer network : it was impossible to set up technical support service without Regional dealers. At that time we did not have such network. That is why we made RoboPop simple and reliable, like AK-47 Kalashnikov. At first it went through trials on the Russian market, were we could ensure a short and fast access to the machine. 

It took 2 years to do away with all  the machine’s “baby’s ailments” and introduce the changes in it. Nowadays, the reliability of all the RoboLabs line products is very high.
In case of  big deals ( like the recent one from Mexico, when the customer bought 16 big RoboPops), we may send over our service  engineer to do the installation supervision and train the personnel.  
In most cases, what the start - up requires is a phone call: any person with elementary engineering skills can fix practically any  malfunction, having consulted our technical support specialist on the phone or using Skype. If it happens that some part gets unusable ( it is easy to  diagnose it through Skype), we immediately mail spares. Robolabs specialists are fluent in English."



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