French Crepe Machine Automatic

Model: Crepe machine
Dimensions (mm): 730x765x430
Power (W): 3000
Net Weight (Kg): 75
Table-top automatic crepe machine
Always consistent product quality hence human factor is minimized. 
Massive cast iron frying drum 
Possibility to make crepes of different different thickness (40-60 gr)
Perfectly fits in cafes, restaurants, canteens, trailers etc.

Steps to follow:

  1. Prepare crepe dough
  2. Turn the machine on and level the surface
  3. Make yourself a cup of coffee and watch how perfectly round and thing crepes get piled up by the machine

Round - 210mm (120pcs/h)


Note: machine productivity depends on frying time. Crepes frying time depends on the dough ingredients and its density as well as colour of the crepe you would like to get. 

Crepes are fried from both sides