Robolabs is a dynamic innovative tech company with the head office in Moscow, Russia. The company manufactures a wide range of food equipment, focusing on three key segments: Fast Food, Fun Food and Professional Restaurant Equipment.

Our patented know-how is Vortex Popcorn ™ technology. We are proud of our innovative Robopop® series poppers, which bear no analogy in the World. The machines are currently exported to 35 countries.

RoboLabs has been inventing, developing and manufacturing equipment for HoReCa, Movie Theaters and FunFood facilities since 2007. The modern plants is located in the city of Tver and Saint Petersburg Russia, equipped with high precision German and Japanese  machines and staffed with 150 top professionals.

The plants manufacture tens of thousands units of equipment, shipping them to 35 countries, including the USA, Germany, Italy, India, China and others. Our equipment has been successfully working in Burger King, KFC, Subway, Cinnabon, in hundreds of movie theaters and thousands of restaurants. Consolidated in our own warehouses in the USA and Europe, our custom cleared equipment can be delivered very timely.


Great changes bring great opportunities, so thought young engineer Mikhail Korin on his first flight to the United States.

In 1991 the Soviet Union collapsed and borders became opened. Thousands of people were looking for a new start. So was a university graduate Mikhail: the Western world promised endless business opportunities.

It might sound strange for the people of our time but popcorn did not exist in the Soviet Union as a snack.

Mikhail was lucky to meet popcorn professionals in the US, he was fascinated by the product and the opportunities it could bring to him and thousands of Russians. Thus, popcorn turned into his life project and the American dream materialized on the other side of the Atlantic.

Nineteen years later Mikhail invented a new technology of popping corn, based on hot air vortex.

The technology materialized in a series of witty popcorn machines, affordable for small scale manufacturers, versatile and cost-efficient product wise.

Developed and elaborated by the team of his associate engineers, Vortex Popcorn machines immediately won global reputation and popularity, making Robolabs LLC the global leader in Vortex Popcorn machine manufacturing.

It will not be presumptuous to say that these machines changed the concession market.

But first things first:


Mikhail Korin licensed his “Business Russia” company in 1990.
In 1991 “Business Russia” became an authorized distributor for “Star Manufacturing” ( US) and started to import popcorn into Russia.
From that time on, “Business Russia” has been having 70-80% of Russian movie-theaters and concession market.


“Business Russia” became a “Gold Medal Products” dealer (US), and is still its key distributor.


“Business Russia” celebrated its first jubilee - 10 years of popcorn in Russia. In honor of this event a beautiful multi-colored 10x10 meters popcorn mosaic was gathered, its size being 10 x 10 meters.
It was actually a replica of Petrov-Vodkin’s “Bathing the Red Horse” masterpiece. The mosaic entered the Guinness book of records


TTM, the own manufacturing plant, was set up in Tver. The plant started the output of restaurant and concession equipment.


The output of candy floss machines Focus and Twister was launched. They and the following models immediately took more than 90% of market share.


The market saw the invention of a principally new popper, Robopop. The technology was patented in the USA and Russia.


For the first time RoboPop was presented at an annual trade show CinemaCon in Las Vegas.


The arrival of the first consignment of RoboPops in the United States


Europe saw the first supply of RoboPops


Automated Caramelizer RoboSugar was invented. Its manufacturing and export began in the same year.


RoboLabs, a new engineering technology group, was set up within «Business Russia Group of Companies»


RoboJetFloss, a candyfloss maker with a vertical cotton flow, was invented.


A new equipment line was engineered for Burger King and KFC: French fries stations, chest freezers, toasters and fryers.


A conveyor oven RoboChef for “Dodo – pizza” chain was designed.


Gold Medal Products became a distributor for the USA and Canada and started buying Mini Robopop 25 machines.


The number of countries, buying RoboLabs equipment reached 40.
Ventless fryer RoboFryBox was developed in 2018


A fully automated caramel popcorn line with the capacity of 500 kg per hour was engineered and supplied to a big Russian retailer


“Business Russia Group” bought SIKOM plant. The plant has been in operation since 1991 and is famous for manufacturing highly demanded automated donut and crepe makers and chicken rotisseries.