Electric Conveyor Pizza Oven RoboChef

Model: RoboChef
Dimensions (mm): 1920x1600x535
Power (W): 27800
Net Weight (Kg): 300

RoboChef advantages:

- The oven is developed in cooperation with the leading pizza chains.

- Intellectual control maintains constant temperature, even with various load

- A hatch with glass observation window allows to load product in the middle of the chamber

- Stackable up to 3 units

- Quick-detachable design for easy technical maintenance.

Jet Impingement Flow Technology

RoboChef’s high level of performance is achieved due to the implementation of Jet Impingement Flow Technology.

The core of Jet Impingement Flow Technology are 445 small nozzles located above and below the conveyor mesh that supply heated air to the product. It is one of the leading cooking technologies that provide extremely quick and even food preparation. The speed of heat exchange is several times faster than using traditional infrared or convection methods of heating.

Due to its robust heat delivery system, RoboChef ensures that products are prepared quickly and evenly.

Superior efficiency and quality is made possible by Jet Impingement Flow Technology. First, heating elements accurately reach the intended temperature, then streams of hot air are delivered via 445 small nozzles from both above and below. The end result is a cooking process several times faster than traditional infrared or convection methods.

Productivity up to 70 pizzas per hour (for pizza dia.40 cm) or 130 pizzas per hour (for pizza dia.30 cm)

Temperature up to 315 °C inside the chamber

Passage time up to 30 minutes

Conveyor belt width 80 cm

Working chamber length 100 cm

Energy consumption: no more than 12500 Wh in standby mode with chamber temperature 300 °C 


American Style Pizza in RoboChef