Yeast doughnuts are really not so difficult to make. It is easy when you pick the right yeast dough recipe, the right ingredients and right equipment.

Here is our recipe

You will need:

Wheat flour – 1 kg

Dry Yeast – 10 grams

Sugar – 80 grams

Salt -15 grams

Water – 900-1050 ml

Vegetable oil – 20 grams

You’ll get 45-60 donuts, depending on size



Combine all dry components (flour, yeast, salt and sugar) in a mixer bowl. Add water and mix the ingredients using flat beater on the first mixing speed. Then add vegetable oil and beat 2 minutes on medium speed of electric mixer. Let your dough rest. After fermentation it should grow in volume in 1,5-2 times.

After that dough should be kneaded. Donuts dough is ready. Put it into the donut dispenser and start operation. Donuts are fried at 190-200°С temperature.


  1. Water quantity in the recipe should be determined by the experiment as hygroscopicity of different flour types differs.
  2. To speed up preparation process and for more airy texture of the product it is possible to increase yeast quantity up to 15-20 grams.  
  3. The number of donuts and their organoleptic characteristics depend on the quality and quantity of yeast, as well as on the dough fermentation time.