Table-top Automatic Ventless Fryer RoboFryBox

Model: RoboFryBox
Dimensions (mm): 555x565x745
Power (W): 6800
Net Weight (Kg): 65

Table-top Automatic Ventless Fryer, 2 Baskets

No need to use expensive hoods and vents to make your products offer range wider. Using RoboFryBox you can easily cook fries, chicken tender, onion rings and more right in your concession area.  

The machine has 2 baskets, 4 cooking programs for each basket. Operation Principle : put the product into the tray and launch work cycle. Once cooking is finished, the product is automatically discharged into container for ready-to-eat product. 

Oil tank volume – 13 L. RoboFryBox doesn’t require exhaust hood due to multi-stage air filtering system. Air goes through a grease filter, then through a HEPA filter, and finally through a carbon filter. As a result, this filtration system holds up to 98% of the smallest particles less than 0.3 microns in size.

Productivity  –  24kg/h *

Single load – 500 grams in each basket

Made of stainless steel AISI 430

* for french fries (pre-fried and frozen)  cooking cycle 1,5 minuts


RoboFryBox Ventless Fryer

Cooking in RoboFryBox One

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