Pizza holder with 5 open-type shelves

Model: Pizza Holding Unit
Dimensions (mm): 560x470x640
Power (W): 1800

Keep pizza hot and ready to serve with pass-through pizza holding cabinet! 

Pizza Holding Cabinet made of stainless steel. Individually heated aluminum shelves with adjustable heat control on each level will keep pizza ready to be served. 

  • 5 levels with maximum working area 40*40 cm , hight up to 8 cm 
  • 2 temperature zones (2 upper levels and 3 lower levels) with possibility to adjust temperature for each level 
  • default temperature 80C with possibility to adjust up to 95C 
  • timer up to 70 minuts for each level 

Holder can be installed either with or without legs. Legs 100 mm are included in the delivery set. 


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