The innovative company RoboLabs manufactures wide range of high-tech products for popcorn manufacturers, cinema chains and HORECA.

Robolabs’ equipment is sold and distributed in more than 35 countries.

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"We have tried a new batch of corn and the Robopop performed very well. Thank you.

Our current product range has been well received by major supermarkets

 and it appears you have 2 additional products that are now of interest to us."

"I must say my team and I am very impressed

with your product development and also the quality.

Our Electrician say that Kabel work is perfect."

Customer from Australia Helmut Haase, Haase GmbH Germany



Cooling table for SugarLips 20
Cooling table for SugarLips 20
Code: 155786
Model: СКРМХ-03M
Dimensions: 3 050х1 550х800
Cooling table for SugarLips 20. The table is made of stainless steel, has two fans for caramel popcorn cooling. Cooling surface dimensions: 2640x14900mm