The innovative company RoboLabs manufactures wide range of high-tech products for popcorn manufacturers, cinema chains and HORECA.

Robolabs’ equipment is sold and distributed in more than 35 countries.

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"We have tried a new batch of corn and the Robopop performed very well. Thank you.

Our current product range has been well received by major supermarkets

 and it appears you have 2 additional products that are now of interest to us."

"I must say my team and I am very impressed

with your product development and also the quality.

Our Electrician say that Kabel work is perfect."

Customer from Australia Helmut Haase, Haase GmbH Germany



Popcorn caramelizer

Caramelizer RoboSugar Twin Auto 20
Caramelizer RoboSugar Twin Auto 20
Code: 143075
Model: RoboSugar Twin Auto 20
Dimensions: 2 100х900х1 500
Caramelizer RoboSugar 20 continues a range of RoboSugar models, providing a variety of innovative solutions for gourmet popcorn production. NEW OPTION! In RoboSugar Twin Auto 20 you can make three types of popcorn at the same time: Caramel, Cheese and Chicago Mix Enhanced productivity Compared to its predecessor, Caramelizer RoboSugar Twin Auto 20 is fully automatic and double in its output – up to 35 kg/h (75 pounds) which makes it a perfect solution for gourmet popcorn producers and concessionaries A 75 liters (20 gallons) aluminum kettle equipped with a tubular heating element provides uniform and consistent heating without any burning of cooked caramel. Thanks to innovative engineering solutions, the conveyer cooling mesh and drum separate and cool even thick layered caramel. Caramelizer RoboSugar 20, mounted on locking swivel casters is very maneuverable and can be easily relocated

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