The innovative company RoboLabs manufactures wide range of high-tech products for popcorn manufacturers, cinema chains and HORECA.

Robolabs’ equipment is sold and distributed in more than 35 countries.

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"We have tried a new batch of corn and the Robopop performed very well. Thank you.

Our current product range has been well received by major supermarkets

 and it appears you have 2 additional products that are now of interest to us."

"I must say my team and I am very impressed

with your product development and also the quality.

Our Electrician say that Kabel work is perfect."

Customer from Australia Helmut Haase, Haase GmbH Germany


Deep electric fryers

Filter Cloth for RoboFry
Filter Cloth for RoboFry
Code: 153401
Model: RLRF139707E
Filter Cloth for electrical fryer Robofry, 100pcs in a pack
Semiautomatic deep fryer for fast food market
Semiautomatic deep fryer for fast food market
Code: 111103
Model: RoboFry AF
Dimensions: 400х900х1 100
"Deep fryer for fast food market. Main characteristics: ∙ Two independent semiautomatic basket lifts (basket is fixed on the holder, timer-button is pressed, basket easily lowered manually and locked in the down position, after a specified time basket rises automatically); ∙ Six independent timers with snooze and backlight (backlights each timer that had been selected and turned on); ∙ Cold Zone; ∙ Electronic temperature holding control system with adjustable regulation; ∙ Drain tank for oil with the filter holder (manually filtering possible) and wheels for easily removal ∙ Wide drain cap (to avoid barrage) ∙ Lifting heating elements (easy and convenient wash) ∙ Magnetic cover of the electronic block with a frame for the established values of the timer (you can change it by yourself)"
RoboFryBox Table-top Automatic Ventless Fryer
RoboFryBox Table-top Automatic Ventless Fryer
Code: 167001
Model: RoboFryBox
Dimensions: 555х565х745
No need to use expensive hoods and vents to make your products offer range wider. Using RoboFryBox you can easily cook fries, chicken tender, onion rings and more right in your concession area. The machine has 2 baskets, 4 cooking programs for each basket. Operation Principle – put the product into the tray and launch work cycle. Once cooking is finished, the product is automatically discharged into container for ready-to-eat product. Oil tank volume – 13 L. RoboFryBox doesn’t require exhaust hood due to multi-stage air filtering system. Air goes through a grease filter, then through a HEPA filter, and finally through a carbon filter. As a result, this filtration system holds up to 98% of the smallest particles less than 0.3 microns in size.
Electrical fryer with oil filtering system
Electrical fryer with oil filtering system
Code: 153400
Model: RoboFry EF
Dimensions: 400х900х1 050
Fryer equipped with built-in oil filtering system that can be activated on one click. Operating capacity 25 liters. Manual lifting mechanism for heaters is provided to ease maintenance. Large cold zone (1.7 liter). Baskets made of high grade stainless steel. The unit comes with 10 replacement filters.
Heavy Duty Fryer with filtration and Fastron Control Panel
Heavy Duty Fryer with filtration and Fastron Control Panel
Code: 133627
Model: RoboFry FF
Dimensions: 400х900х1 100
Сontrolled by Fastron VC–210 required by the most of fast food chains Built–in water boiling prevention algorithm that avoids oil spillage during heating Adjustable electronic temperature maintenance 20 independent presets Manual lifting mechanism for heaters is provided to ease the maintenance Fry pot has large cold zone Baskets made of high–grade stainless steel